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 Basically, we are a group of friends who said, "let's do something different and focus on the one thing that we know how to do best: play football." We keep the rest simple. We cover our costs, we make it enjoyable, and we play liquid football. We always remember the most important part: let's just have fun. If this is something that interests you, get involved. We could use some helping hands. And if you want to play for us, we are always open to bringing in players who understand us.


What do we bring to the table?


EXPERIENCE - When individuals start a football club, they typically see the process from a business standpoint. While this is a good lens to determine financial viability, they often overlook the most important part: what happens on the pitch. Through our experience, we have realized that "building from the pitch up" allows us to be smarter about our financial spending, prioritizing where our money needs to go in order to build a successful club. If we focus our resources on helping our players and staff feel appreciated, we can create an authentic culture that allows us to be successful. This doesn't mean our game-day experience or our business suffers. In fact, it allows us to be more motivated to learn aspects that we haven't previously learned. And when the business side shares the values and vision that we have on the pitch, we will give ourselves the best chance at long term sustainability. Most importantly, when the business people at the top of the club are the same ones that are directly involved at the pitch level, everyone in the organization feels as though their voice is heard and there is unity throughout the club.


COMMUNITY - We look at community not through our location, but through those who share similar values. Our aim as a small organization is to support other small organizations. For example, our main apparel provider is a small clothing company called Champion Grind, owned and founded by a former professional footballer. Another partner we have is Alexander Enzo & Co., a woodworking company founded by a Hispanic immigrant and close friend of our founder. This company creates unique wood products handmade and built in the United States. These are the partnerships we look forward to fostering, not because of our need for their financial support, but because we feel obligated to help push this community forward. Leaving our footprint through our actions and support for similar organizations transcends borders and allows anyone regardless of location to feel they can be a part of our community.


AUTHENTICITY - We are regular people. We make mistakes, we try to improve daily, and most importantly, we are open-minded. We respect referees and opponents, and we put character above anything else.

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The Crest


Blue and Beige, our colors for season one. 

Wolf wearing a traditional laurel wreath, as used by the Romans to recognize sporting achievements.

Liquid Football Logo Final.png

Wolf creates a wave to tie in the liquid part of Liquid Football. Our goal is to play an entertaining style, fluid and smooth in nature.


Want to play for us, volunteer, or have a question? Send us an email.

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